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Other Puppies At Artistry Yorkies

Below are pictures of some of our other puppies at Artistry Yorkies. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us by email below or by phone. Contact can also be made at the top of this page by clicking below Live Chat Or Leave A Message icon above. All inquiries are always welcomed.

Yorkie Puppies For Sale From Yorkie Breeder

Female Yorkie


male yorkie puppie looking for a new home

Female Yorkie


For more information on what Yorkie Puppies For Sale might be are available, Please call us at 269-365-3894
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yorkie puppy for sale posing

Male Yorkie Puppy - Quint


male yorkie puppy resting

Yorkie Puppy - 12 weeks


male yorkie puppy resting

Male Yorkie Puppy


yorkie puppy perked

Female Yorkie Puppy


yorkie named LJ resting

Yorkie Puppies Now For Sale

Meet some of our Yorkie puppies, pictured below in our slide shows. Both parents of these puppies are out of AKC Champion Yorkies. For more information on some of our puppies parents, visit our Champions page Yorkshire Terrier Champions.

We breed our litters for our next show dogs and plan on keeping one of the girls in this litter for ourselves to show. That type of breeding and pedigree makes for the best in quality and health. We only want the best for ourselves and health is of the utmost importance to us.  We have had all champion litters in the past, many of the pets that go to new homes that are many times “show quality” as well. 

Contact us by email for current availability and additional pictures including pictures of champion parents and price.


Yorkie Puppies For Sale Pictured Below


Tiny Girl For Sale - AKC Champion Parents

Tiny female Yorkie puppy. 2.5 lbs - 6 months old. Beautiful colored coat and silky texture.
Adorable face and expressions. Too cute for words. AKC Champion Sire and AKC Champion Dam.

Email for availability, additional pictures and price.





Tiny Male Yorkie Puppy For Sale - AKC Champion Parents

Tiny male Yorkie puppy. 2.5 lbs - 6 months old. Beautiful colored coat and silky texture.
Adorable face and expressions. Too cute for words. AKC Champion Sire and AKC Champion Dam.

Email for availability, additional pictures and price.





Small Male Yorkie Puppy For Sale - AKC Champion Parents

Adorable male puppy for sale. AKC Champion Sire and AKC Champion Dam.
Beautiful face, excellent structure and beautiful coat and silky texture. Will be under 5 pounds as an adult.

Email us for additional information and picture of parents.




Puppy Proof Your Home

Yorkie Puppy Proof Your Home for your new puppy's arrival, your Yorkie puppies will have a naturalYorkie Puppy at 6 months of Age curiosity for what seems to be everything and anything they can get their mouth on. This makes it necessary to look around and remove a lot of items out of your new puppies reach that might not normally seem to pose a danger.

Keep small objects off the floor that could be accidentally swallowed by puppy. Some examples would be coins, paper, pins, cigarette butts, small toys, candy, trash. You should also remove houseplants, potted trees from the floor as many common houseplants can be toxic to dogs. Also be aware when taking medication that a pill does not accidentally fall to the floor. This would include over the counter and prescription drugs.

Also keep in mind what might be on the coffee tables and such that might unknowingly encourage your dog to jump up in hopes to get into something they should not have. Such things would be a bag of chips or snake treats, a dinner plate with uneaten food, a box of pizza. Newspapers, Magazines, and anything else you might think would be enticing to your little one. Keeping these types of things further out of reach will help assist in keeping your puppy safe until he or she is a little older and they know better than to get into so many things.

Other things to avoid your Yorkie puppy getting into or a hold of is your waste paper baskets, toilet bowel, electrical cords, power strips, telephone lines, speaker wire, television coax cable just to name some that come to mind.

Never use mouse bait or poison as it is fatal to dogs and they are attracted to the taste. It is too easy for them to ingest mouse poison and not even know, once a puppy or dog show signs of being poisoned; it is usually too late to prevent death in a lot of cases. The same goes with antifreeze for your vehicle. They are very attracted to the taste and it is fatal to dogs and puppies. Also keep cleaning products and soaps out of your puppy's reach. Use extreme caution with any pesticides, or pesticides service you might use in or around the house.

At Christmas time be careful of the tree along with Christmas ornaments and other seasonal decorations that look way to fun for your puppy to take notice. Burning candles could be easily tipped over by your Yorkie puppy.

Show caution with stairs, decks, and any basement doorways or open windows from upper levels of the home.

Always keep a close eye on your puppy when inside or out. It will help make your puppies transition a smooth one as he gets to know and also acquainted to his new family and surroundings.




Potty Training


What To Do Once You Get Your Puppy Home

If you have a schedule that requires you to be gone most of the day and are wondering how you can get your Yorkie puppy potty trained, here are a few suggestions.

First, maybe look into changing your schedule around so that maybe you can take vacation time when you bring your new puppy home. Or possibly schedule to pick up your puppy from your Yorkie breeder just before a holiday or long weekend.

A couple of weeks will get you off to a good start. Another possibility is to have someone to help with taking your puppy potty while you are away from home.




Yorkshire Terrier Puppies


As one of the most popular breed of dogs, Yorkie, short for Yorkshire Terrier, walks proudly despite its tiny stature. Not only are they often winning show dogs, but they are one of the great companion dogs. Though characteristically bold in their activity, Yorkies do like to please their owners very much, which makes them extremely easy to train. Part of what gives them their fame is not just their endearing size but the color and distinction of their silky coat.





Care Instructions For Your New Artistry Puppy


How To Care For Your New Puppy


Puppy is on a 3x daily feeding schedule of ½ cup Royal Canin MINI Starter for Small Breed Puppy dry food along with 1 can of Royal Canin Starter Mousse. Once settled and use to their new home substitute canned with 1 cup organic raw ground beef 80% fat, partially cooked or 1 cup cooked Chicken Breast.

We sprinkle a supplement called “The Missing Link” with Joint Support on the food daily – 1 to 2 Tsp. Please continue as it helps their coats and joints during their development. It can be ordered Online At or purchased at a local pet store. Missing Link 1-Pound Well Blend Plus with Joint Support. We recommend that you stick to this food as changing their diet can cause diarrhea. If you notice a significant lack of appetite from the stress of new environment, syringe goats milk into puppy’s mouth for meal replacement until appetite picks back up. But please only temporarily and contact me for recommendations. Vanilla yogurt can be given as a weekly treat and recommended upon arrival. If you wish to change brands please do so gradually over the course of a week. We suggest a 3 times daily feeding schedule for the first 6 months and then twice daily to aid in housebreaking.

NO table scraps EVER! Cheerios are good training treats; many prepared dog treats are high in fat, sodium etc. and many are linked to recalls. Please look at my website and make Yorkie treats at home only. Yorkies along with many toy breeds are noted to be susceptible to Hypoglycemia when smaller in size. I have yet to have this happen here, but when traveling in cars and airplanes, they often get motion sick and throw up many times so please keep on eye for signs when your puppy arrives. Please hydrate and some form of food right away upon arrival. If food is refused, syringe goats milk into puppy’s mouth letting the puppy lick it as if drinking from a water bottle. Also use a small amount of “Nutri-Stat”


Their system can burn up energy very quickly and you need to limit the amount of stimulating playtime to what they can handle. This can also happen if the puppy is not eating. Make sure puppies get plenty of quite time and rest as they make it through their transitional period of getting used to their new home.   The primary warning sign of hypoglycemia is off balance (pup is wobbly on it’s feet), acting limp and very tired etc. A little daub of Karo syrup or Nutri-Stat will help until you can get the puppy to eat (don’t overdo). If you ever notice diarrhea or vomiting from something ingested contact vet ASAP. Yorkies dehydrate very quickly and conditions can worsen fast.
Please refer to my web-page for more detailed information on this subject Hypoglycemia Signs.




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Yorkie Puppies For Sale At Artistry Yorkies

We hope you have enjoyed looking at pictures of some of our Yorkie Puppies. If you have any questions about puppy care or if you would like to inquire about what puppies we have available for sale, please don't hesitate to contact us. We welcome all emails and or telephone calls.

Email us at or call us at 269-365-3894.