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Yorkshire Terrier Puppies

What To Expect With A Yorkshire Terrier Puppy

Yorkies, short for Yorkshire Terriers are a highly sought after popular little breed of dog. These tiny statured courageous little dogs do not shed and are famous for their silky cool to the touch luxurious coats. They are a single coated breed, meaning they have no undercoat, resembling actual human hair. They can be keep in cute puppy haircuts or left long and flowing like seen in the show ring.

They are small enough to be carried in one hand, but have a big dog attitude. They strut around with great confidence and elegance and when left in a long coat, dripping to the floor, they appear as if they were almost floating. They are known to be the clown around the house and they love to play and be part of all the activity in their surroundings. But they are a lapdog by nature and love to snuggle on the couch with their owners for endless hours. They love just being with you.

Yorkies strive to please their owners and gain their approval. They from deep attachments to their families. This makes them extremely easy to train including Housetraining. A good Yorkshire Terrier Breeder will start potty training at 4 to 5 weeks of age. Taking care of most of this task for you before their arrival.

They love to travel and do not need a lot of exercise. Some living in big city apartments are litter box trained and have no need to go outside. They love to go shopping and are very social animals with a big pick me up attitude. Once you own one, beware as you will find yourself wanting to own two.


Image of Yorkie Puppy Playing


Puppy Safety

Because of this breeds natural fearless attitude and characteristics, Yorkies puppies can find themselves in harms way much quicker than one would think possible.

Special care should be given up to a year of age to protect them from breaking any legs. Jumping from furniture of any kind can cause a broken front leg. This breed is very small and their leg bones are very susceptible during their growth stages.


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